Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’m both honored and flattered.

About me:

Jesus Follower that is also:

Teleworker that loves family, friends, shopping, reading, fitness, shopping [of course lol], hair extensions, and helping others!

About this blog:

2019 — still a brain dump…scratch paper for playing with outfit ideas…sorting out this last year of 30

2018 — More brain dump than scratch paper at this point…and a way to process my thoughts and to tame the shopping some by remembering…and documenting…

  • still streamlining
  • still minimizing
    • selling
    • donating
  • feeling more settled in my sartorial wishes
  • classic with a twist for real outfits
  • cozy comfort for around the house or a house if out visiting
  • leaner body means new options have appeared
    • hello chunky knits
    • hello semi-fitted
  • rule of thumb – quality > quantity
  • neutrals, leopard and plaid are my faves

2017 — Still scratch paper…but also a to do list and idea saver!  A style diary of sorts.

  • I’ve minimized careless shopping [put off]…
  • I’ve donated a ton and still donate as I work through my thoughts, hopes and dreams [more putting off] 🙂 …
  • I’ve narrowed down what I really love versus what I like because it is in front of me [putting on what I love only].

Just like nutrition and fitness are a lifestyle…preventing sartorial clutter is also.

2016 — Digital scratch paper while I get organized in style, shopping, and other goals…less temptation to toss it -> for future refer.  I needed a (semi) structured outlet for:

  • Thinking through why I want things
  • Considering again based on scripture and logic
  • Refining my style [only what I love]
  • Focusing on intention & motive

I want to focus on honoring God more in my finances and the identified steps thus far are:

  • Step 1 – not shopping carelessly
  • Step 2 – moving toward shopping with purpose
  • Step 3 – 12.8.16 – owning less

We’re told to put off and put on in scripture…if I am putting off shopping excessively…here is where I will work through what I am putting on.


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