I love Nordstrom for their return policy…it is THE best.

More thinning of things with tags:

I’m not really a bold color girl…maybe on a spare…but…not usually…and not for 26-ish a pop…not when your closet is overflowing into chairs and piles elsewhere!  They look cute on others and I am drawn – but if I am being real about me…that isn’t all that me-like.

New Idea <– needs to be blinking it’s so good!

Capsules for Sister at Christmas…I’m pretty pleased with myself.  I’m going to do the 10×10…so far:

  1. black mixed media vest
  2. light grey sweater
  3. grey toned cropped knit top
  4. red high-low tee (short-sleeved)
  5. 2 pairs of black statement earrings


Knowing this…what else shall I be on the prowl for [deals only lol]:

  1. skirt great blouse
  2. pants OR jeans
  3. another top that goes with the others –> great tee
  4. cardigan maybe
  5. dressy hoodie

…and if earrings don’t count in the ten:

  1. great tee OR a sneaker

She gets on my nerves and I on hers but I can’t help swooping up fab deals in her size when I know she will love and benefit from them!

Final answer – hunt for:

  • blouse
  • jeans
  • tee
  • cardigan
  • pretty hoodie
  • sneaker

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