Nordstrom Rack

I am going to have to pay more attention to them…much more…especially at Clear the Rack

Earrings for Sister at Christmas…I like to get cute/fun things early and for cheap to pair with what my people really ask for 🙂 and I love Bauble Bar for me…so, seems likely she will too…and black is her color.

I got these last year and hate them:

_xmas surprise for maxi&me

I think Infant likes hers…but one can never be sure…they didn’t suit my leg shape…so I’m selling mine.  

A total shame as I love the leather wrap detail…I know they’ll stretch but they seemed to run a bit small…so cute two other pairs in both colors for 60.00 each – what…I’d be a fool to skip…maybe I’m a fool either way…






Versatile indeed!

Will be promptly returning the unloved items!

I know I shop when I feel things…

Things I don’t like…

Things I can’t control…

So, I head for something I can control…my image via my outfit, holes in my closet, holes in Infant’s closet, you name it…so to the sites I go…oh how I need a better strategy!


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