Wardrobe Heroes…

…so far…of the things I’ve bought…not just this year, but the last 18 months or so…

Fit Gear

Athleta, Brooks, Balega for the win…


Looser half tucked tops…I’m not sucking in anything 😐


Better basic bottoms…I don’t deserve to be pulling my britches up all day…I work too hard for that.

Neither do I deserve jeans that feel odious and uncomfortable…that is the worst.


Swing/shift/trapeze dresses with the occasional sheath…the older and more fit I get, the more joy I feel when dressing modestly.  It’s probably age related vice fitness related…

My body is very vodka {term from Style & Styleability course!} even when thin…I think that may be why I am FAR more comfortable with cranberry clothes and vodka accessories.


I am SO excessive about outerwear…it’s the only thing anyone sees in cooler months…and we have so many here!


Neutrals…when I was younger I was all for statement shoes…not form, function and feels…it should look good, work well with my wardrobe and feel good to wear.  Zero compromise…I’m a champion for myself!


Bauble Bar is my new thing…when they have a sale…and Tory Burch…I think ONE Clare V. tote will do it…I like my hands free most of the time.

Utter Fails

None of these gave me joy…some things just aren’t for me.

Good ONLY in Theory

I’m not a neutral runner… 😦 they have better shoes…the Newbury is my least fave Rag and Bone bootie…and I haven’t ordered anything from Sole Society worth keeping – ever, they don’t feel good on my feet…and clunky sneakers, even if they are rose gold don’t work on my tiny ankles…

I choose to dress for joy.  Barring offensive/immodest outfits, I’m wearing what I want.  Then end.

Things that give me joy:

  1. great fitting clothes
  2. great materials…preferably natural fibers
  3. great color depth – I vehemently don’t want ugly colors
  4. great shoes
  5. quality construction
  6. flattering pieces
  7. versatile pieces…they are just easier to own and have the best cost per wears
  8. OTK boots
  9. ankle boots
  10. fit gear that is cute and coordinated
  11. premium denim

I feel closer to having my mind right about style…to stop shopping so much…always the goal.

New notes to self:

  • sleek in cooler months
  • looser in warmer months
  • layers are ideal for those with a colder nature
  • love it or return it
  • trendy pieces have a high cost per wear
  • the cheaper the garment, the more foundation items you need
  • color is great but you won’t wear it much
  • there aren’t many plaids you don’t love
  • be picky with patters – stick to the classics
  • share with Infant

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