Deals Lately 07/2018


  • basic dress…my new favorite dress shape/style
  • cute plain tops to go with jeans
    • will test thoroughly and return if they aren’t absolute LOVEs
  • sandal I’ve BEEN WANTING…working on sizing and fit…they will def have to broken in…not the best deal but…they didn’t go on sale last summer…RETURNED


  • FP loose tops are BOMB
  • Not sure about the dresses…but I hope they are breezy for running around town
  • not a LOVE = return promptly…but$20-30 FP?!  Gotta try at least!
    • red top
    • all three dresses
    • lavender top
    • sea foam top


  • top row, RETURNED…I don’t like mixed media…at all.  😐
  • black top, TBD
    • + girlfriend jeans
    • + skinny jeans
    • + plaid BR trousers
    • got Infant one too 🙂
  • blazer – cute and 14$ in the store including shortening the sleeves!
    • + cream dress
    • + jeans and cream tee

Banana / Factory

…didn’t need…but def can use…


…best running shorts so far…and I’m curious to try their clothes a bit more…they seem to have a coziness so far as I can tell!


H8280_WQ4771_m madewell crossover top.jpeg

I like this style of top…it neither needs tucking or bothering with while worn…WIN…I hate adjusting my clothes.

Also Pondering…

  • thinning my closet of ‘used to be me‘ items…lots of selling…
  • clarifying what my style looks like in terms of purchases…lots of returning…
  • Poshmark takes forever…considering a local consignment just to clear the clutter…
  • feeling excessinve..perfectionism in having the right things…it’s expensive.
  • still not finding anything at Express…still feels weird…
  • found a few cute things at Dry Goods…they sell some of the brands Nordstrom does [Lush, Soprano, Socialiet to name a few]…have returns too
  • half marathon…pondering only!

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