Looser Jeans

There is a song…dirty deeds, done dirty cheap...for THE longest I heard dirty jeans…lol, they say I’m special :)…however, I think I’m needing a break from painted on denim…at least while it is hot.

Love my Madewell jeans but they have ZERO stretch and that isn’t comfy – at all…cute…and when they are broken it, will be great…but right now…

cn14898291 6252018
$34 {including a brooch for my blazers, coats and jackets}

First off, I’ve only one pair of light jeans and they are tight and destroyed [i.e. not church appropriate, or visiting Infant’s school]…

+ white tee

+ any tee

+ mw tops

+ tank

cn15263480 06282018
$24 {may have to chop these off a bit}

I’ve always liked this shade of denim…it’s perfect for casual cuteness…I love dark denim but my grief lately every pair bleeds no matter how many times you wash it…annoying.

Demoted: Express

I am very nearly over Express…I am wrestling with this…that’s been my store for eons…but mediocre fit this close to the next decade?

I think not…

I just don’t see the need to keep subjecting myself to that…nearly all I’ve purchased lately has been returned…kept a few tee shirts…

Younger Me / skinny fat

Me Now / slim but fit…muscles don’t play nicely with clothes in the best of times…but muscles + curves…no one tells you this when you start working out…NO ONE.

This is a strange new world…still love their stuff, just not on me lately.  The same thing happened with New York and Company last summer.

I sure hope to love these!


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