Project Minimization…

{super cute to put candy in them for my best gals}

Normal life is chaotic and busy.  Summer doesn’t diminish that…it kinda adds…I’m grateful for my life so this isn’t a complaint…more of a call to intentional action!

Timeline Time!

There are several mile markers so to speak…they change our schedule and mess with routine…getting out of routine adds to the natural chaos I create just being me…



a / summer start

relax…read…less rushing.

John Maxwell said his dad chose books for him to enhance his thinking…wish I’d thought of that sooner…

b / Infant starts working

vbs…read…less relax…not rushing but  less time to waste

What a blessing and needful thing it is for youth to learn to work.  Little is more vexing to me than adults who have bad work ethics…

c / Infant finishes working and proceeds to practicing

it’s getting real…rushing is happening…back to school shopping is starting too

Sacrifice for sure as it messes with my work day…and I like to do everything myself and not ask for help lol…flaw for sure…

d / school starts

no true fall sport for the 1st time in years…so less rushing…bsf begins again – be still my heart!

Minimization begins with reduction distractions, chaos, and time wasters…closely followed by minimizing clutter and shopping.


  • car time is learning time
  • time blocking my work day
  • keeping calender current with times I need get Infant somewhere…
  • read more and browse less
  • check fave blogs on Friday…make it a thing!  Be strict!

Summer Goals.

Infant Related

  • books
  • wholesome activity…mindset making activity
  • time with Bestie

Us Related

  • trip
  • Seamless with Lifeway
  • weekly movies

Me Related

  • tame clutter…thin ranks…organize remaining
  • continue to keep shopping reined in
  • Instagram with Intention for The Biz
    • actually do what I’m learning which means tagging in my fave Photographer
  • remaining JM class
  • review Dean Street class on style…rein in my ideas a bit more…get more me than I’ve ever been…
    • seasonal capsules of versatile items…post a list prominently
      • —–> my outfit binder!
    • outfits for shoes I need to use more
  • share and post more on Poshmark…let’s thin this stuff quickly

K {is for Kingsley} Related

  • long walks with great chats is what I want…or walking until the bugs become pestilential with great chats while he swats and keeps me bug free 🙂

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