SF: She wears short shorts…


Kinda…running shorts leave out a lot of leg…but…something about running doesn’t have my thighs touch as much as they do when just walking…or running up stairs…gosh…OH the joys of being curvy!

I’ve tested a few…and found one that I really like…I’m thinking just like it is all Brooks for running shoes…it may be all Athleta for running shorts!


The pocket is wide enough for my phone in its case AND it zips…AND they didn’t do the inner thigh ride up!

_loser cn15406914

These are okay…but barely okay…they do the inner thigh ride up thing {thick thighs save lives but eat pants 😐 }.  The pocket doesn’t zip…

There’s no point fooling with what doesn’t work…or is uncomfortable…or flat-out unflattering

Money Spent = Commitment.

The old adage is that you get what you pay for…less of better things is a current goal/mindset of mine.  I feel a wee bit of panic at only choosing to have three pair…BUT…it’s an impetus to stay on top of laundry!

The best thing about brand/quality rules/preferences is that old temptations cease…I can go in Kohl’s loaded with a 30% coupon and not go nuts…

The better I know me…the easier it is to say no.  Know then no…I like it 🙂

6.21.18 – still the best money spent on running shorts…hands down the best I’ve tried so far!  Athleta is becoming a go-to for fit gear!


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