SS: Nordstrom Rack

Wasn’t planning on shopping…but then gold hardware…wedges I’ve wanted for MORE than a year…items for Infant…le sigh…

2 for me (top row) and 2 for Infant (bottom row) 🙂 tho I can see Infant muscling in on my jacket…we are kinda close in size where it works for her but not for me as I am the larger of the two of us…

Fave: Moto Jackets

_moto with gold hw.jpg
It will integrate seamlessly and resolve the issue of mismatching metals!

moto + dress

moto + top + pants

For Easter, I’m thinking…edgy [cue new jacket if the weather cooperates] or boho…or perhaps both…I’m just tired of the usual sheath and a-line dresses is vivid hues paired with pumps and hats…

moto + maxi + bag + Harrow

I’d love a circular bag…but…I’m not in pursuit at this time…perhaps later.

I love moto/biker jackets…I had a daydream where I had a rack of various colors/materials/etc and lived happily ever after…

Fave: Easy Everyday Outfits

_with andira
I think I might wear more necklaces in the summer?

top + jeans + necklace

dress + necklace

Versatility and balance are key…these items are versatile…and selling on Poshmark will add the balance 🙂



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