TJH: Leather Leggings

_this just happened 3oct17
This just happened!  Leggings are great for winter capsules becasue the go SO well with OTK boots!

I’ll try them on and assess BUT if they highlight things then they will go back!

I’ve been wanting these leggings for a bit…more than a bit…since last year [I haven’t read where a single blogger didn’t love them]…I chickened out at the NSALE – but as they are on sale again – cue purchase…

and with some unexpected slimming of the thighs and hips…looks like some of my old trusties will have to be put away until some of the inches return…as they always do…I hope they don’t…but the way my diet/nutrition is set up…


With so much on my radar, I really need to be more regimented in my day (Infant, work, fitness, fun, The Business, the new class, friend time)…starting with:

  • staying on my feet
  • using phone alarms extensively
  • being intentional
  • not hitting snooze
  • being mindful of what I eat…treats are fine…but fruits and veggies are needful
  • scheduling certain things

AND not shopping while I take this class – I have forgotten twice so far!


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