SS: That Brown Boot

_nsale cole haan trial

A brown boot was on my first list…I didn’t like the TB…the ankle straps ruined them for me…and seeing them on skinny legs —-> I made the right choice…I’d have been swimming in them…

But these…plain but pretty – in the picture at least…

They’ll fit well into all the stuff I have…and some I just bought 🙂

I wonder if I have to do the hard thing and get rid of some of the easy to grab but unpolished 😉

Perhaps this was the needed push for quite a bit of improvement…

  • new skills
  • redeeming my time more appropriately
  • improved focus on how my actions impact others
  • increased daily polish
  • enhanced time management skills
  • less time-wasting…
    • waiting = read
    • no plans = read, clean, chores, MKU
    • driving = audio books that feed the mind…

I’ve plenty to wear…I just weenie out and grab something cute but easy usually.  So polish is there, but I can & will  do better…


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