_nsale otk idea
IF they fit…

It took me ages to see why people bother with  makeup…EONS even…but…I’m all in now…some days LOL

I hope this boot fits…my others are shorter by 1.5-2″…and the SW splurges so far have been fails…epic fails…shark feet…then too tall [heel]…then too stretched…  😐

Know the products…I’m trying…the better I know, the better I can share…

MK I’ve tried so far:

  • gel semi-matte lipstick
  • mineral eye shadow
  • lip gloss
  • gel eyeliner
  • brow gel
  • eyeliner
  • miracle set
  • lip liner
  • eye cream – the first…and my favorite…
  • charcoal masks – Infant loves it!
  • satin hands
  • satin lips
  • makeup brushes

Next up:

  • concealer
  • moisture mask
  • lash intensity
  • lotions
  • body wash
  • cc cream…maybe, I don’t think I’ll ever like brown creams on my face…

Chatting up strangers is a skill I’ll have to acquire…but I guess I can re-frame as I work my way there:

  • I usually have NO issue sharing what I love.
  • Why  not share things I love and also sell?
  • If I want to pour kindness and grace into the lives of other women…speaking is required…

Other things that are kind of rolling around my head:

  • have a basic go-to look for daily outings
  • wear pin more
  • wash face at night too 😐
  • a better “I-story”…I really don’t feel like I have one…my life is pretty good so no hard times to pull at heart strings…just the wish to build something and share what I love…



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