Confession of a Mean Girl

…a Mean Girl who doesn’t want to be mean anymore 😦

_self check
And I’m not very proud of that…

The Incident

In discussing the Non-Disclosing [of a Serious Affliction] Singer Situation I described the girls exterior a bit too loudly and with too much emphasis.

It was just such a shock to see one of the girls did not, not even a tad, look as expected.

First the shock of his affliction but then the shock of that girl…I hear there are several…and I only saw that one because it popped up in my feed on FB…but double wow.

A rather portly fellow who was near did a double take look because he was ear hustling.

For the record, ear hustling is at the hustler’s own expense…I don’t tend to sugar coat excrement…it isn’t my way…sometimes I wish it were…but we are who we are…and it is true that we can improve but some things just aren’t in my nature, and it is quite unlikely that they ever will be…I value directness and sugar coating is a time waster IMO.  This could be wrong too but…I digress.

I admit I was wrong…so very wrong.

The Reflection

I’m dead wrong.  I shouldn’t have judged that Image Bearer by her outside alone.

I should have been more disgusted by the sin of the situation.

I also should thank God for sparing me such because but for His grace, that could be me or someone I love.

I should have felt empathy and shock at the sin more than the look of the girl…the way the pairing looked…

And…since I didn’t…now I feel shock at my behavior…I really need to (from the lesser to the greater):

  • be mindful of how loudly I speak, especially when I get excited
  • be mindful of what comes out of my mouth
  • be mindful of what I think…thoughts precede words!
  • be more thoughtful about how I assess things…and leave off considering/assessing anything that could be considered disrespectful

From the source to the action:

  • Think better thoughts.
  • Moderate my words.
  • Speak more softly.

As thinking before you speak came right up in Google…clearly it isn’t just me!

Proverbs 29:20, NLT

There is more hope for a fool than for someone who speaks without thinking.

Ouch…but accurate.  😦

The Notes 2 Self

  • Code words for unpleasant descriptions that are needful…today’s word should have had one though it wasn’t needful as I shouldn’t have said what I said!
  • Redirect thoughts to find the good…even if it requires serious mining!
  • If Regina would write it in the Burn Book, perhaps I shouldn’t say it…that inner Regina must be quieted!
  • Don’t be a jerk!

Code words are easy, not being a jerk is hard lol…but, I don’t have to do it alone…God helps since being kinder, not being loose with my speech, and respecting Image Bearers more is definitely in line with His will for me.

If I’m honest, and I try to live and be that way consistently, I feel pretty bad I offended that dude and genuinely want to not do that again…Holy Spirit I hear you – please help!  Amen!


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