Brain Dump: July 2017

_brain dump 07202017


  • happy with NSALE additions
    • I was more intentional than last year
    • having the card helps try things
    • I can be more intentional next year
  • personal challenge – wear every single button up
    • finding new ways to wear them…or new to me…
  • more effort looking for outfits with what I own…vice blog reading and finding new outfit ideas with  new things 🙂


  • The Business
    • sell thing
    • build client base
    • save 40% and put 60% right back into the business…
    • need to clear a good profit to pay off the initial investment
      • starter kit no big deal, I’ll pay for a bag 🙂
  • clear purchases
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fun
  • save for things
  • increase 401k
  • get ready for tax season

To Do

  • 50 books [25 – gotta get serious]
  • more inventory after first party
    • if slow – order stuff I want to keep active status
  • party decoration items – Hobby Lobby clearance


Progressively make better choices…

  • black coffee
  • fruit & veggies
  • healthy snacks
  • mindful eating
  • more fish
  • honey + lemon water


  • BSF
  • bible study
    • grow out my own quiet time
  • be more faithful to small group
  • reading…get to 50
  • fitness classes
  • running…grow toard sixy minutes


  • read books in the week
  • read blogs on the weekend
  • diminish social media
  • Trove is good for style pix
  • be better with SHOPTAGR…especially when sale is less than 50%
  • not sure about the one in = one out rule…
  • practice french more
  • find the cost-cutters


  • maybe a black BP cardigan
  • grey leather bag
  • greater organization

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