SMC: The Blue Bauble

_new bauble and super wide leg pants
This blue bauble…a new love of my life.


I want a fitted shorter shirt for my looser pants…


I’m slim-curvy so I’m unsure at all this volume on the lower half 😐

I like the look and the ease…but…volume!

What I Know

  1. baubles are queen in my closet
  2. bags are tied with shoes for king
  3. simple outfits + bold baubles
  4. variety makes me happy
  5. I love navy
  6. clothes are starting to fit differently…
  7. sell and replace — or get alterations
  8. now that I’ve The OTK…I’ll see if I’m really good
  9. it worked with booties…only one brand I really purchase now
  10. newer focus on the running will be distance + time
  11. despite having enough running shoes, I still find it hard to resist deals on new ones


  • focus on The Business and Reading
  • rise early to fit in some growth items



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