NSALE: Final Answer

Final answer because the prices went up today LOL

_nsale last of the haul I
IDK why I feel the need to buy shirts…I really don’t.

I find dresses to be easier…and in warmer months I’m zealous for those…but considering the discomfort of being cold in the fall…I wanted a few new shirts [every thing can’t be from Express – everyone here shops there – as we have no Nordstrom, far less likely to be twinning with non-Infant folk]…that I’m sure Infant will want to borrow…and Lord willing, I will want to share!

navy + grey = winning color combo

_nsale last of the haul II
Stuff I ordered with shoes I currently own!

Theory is always better than practice…but it’s a start.  I love one-and-done things…or tried-and-true combos when I’m in a hurry – which is almost always…especially when I dont’ have my time-saving hair extensions…

_nsale last of the haul III
Thick or thin…these things are your friend.

I don’t care how large or small I get – shape wear are a great base for an outfit…kind of like eyelid, eye lash or foundation primers are for makeup…I hate I was 30 before learning about them.  This is on the list of ‘You’re 21 Now’ discussions with Infant…unless she becomes portly sooner…  😐

Beyond that, it is just more secure feeling having these under dresses – there def will be NO M. Monroe moments!

IDK…it’s always best to err on the side of good taste.

Postmortem –> plan to buy too much…the end.

That is all.


Overall…cardigans, utility, bomber, & moto jackets… baubles… scarves… OTK… Kiehl’s… dresses… a jumpsuit… SPANX & other foundations… tops [two I think so not bad]… Hunter wellies [free with a Nordstrom Note]… slides…

I kinda stuck to my list [also here and here and here]…even if it was only loosely!

Kinda nervous as I’m waiting on two returns to post still…


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