_nsale final 2aug17
I really need to be done…

It’s easy not to shop when prices aren’t great…deals are harder to resist!

Final Damage

  1. Two colors…both basic…both filled closet holes.
  2. Didn’t need…in the slightest…but OMG…I love it…it makes a statement!  A statement that is very me.
  3. Technically not NSALE but from the Rack…so…
  4. Same as above…
  5. Another very me-statement maker!
  6. So cute…and quite a relief from all the green…and peplum…
  7. Halogen flats are the bomb…they were last year and they are this year!
  8. Ditto to the above.
  9. My free Hunter bots with a Nordstrom Note!  Rainy days should have polish too!
  10. MF LTD OTK…they really come up high…and if my legs slim down, I don’t think they’ll look silly.  They seem to fit well over jeans too…which was an issue with others.
  11. Got all three metals…why not…daily polish.
  12. Ditto to the above…again!
  13. Such a pretty scarf…I’m mad for plaid every summer for the upcoming fall…but plaid is classic!
  14. When is leopard not a good idea [back ordered, but if I hate the colors bc that’s the only reason leopard can fail, I’ll return it]?!
  15. See #13 🙂
  16. Testing this out since the lotion was such a win.
  17. Huge win for super dry skin…OMG I can hardly  believe it.  Nothing has worked for five years…should have snagged this last year!
  18. An olive tunic…needed…good fit…will buy more if they drop lower than 28$ which isn’t that great of a deal!

Outfit Ideas

  • hunter cardigan +  black express jeans + white tee + leopard slide
  • floral moto + black express jeans + white tee + OTK
  • grey moto + light jeans + white tee + grey Newbury bootie
  • leopard peplum jacket + black jeans + black blouse + OTK
  • burgundy peplum jacket + black dress + black harrow bootie
  • burgundy cardigan + dark jeans + white tee + tan slide
  • black express moto +  black leggings + black tunic + Hunter boot
  • dark jeans + navy tee + burgundy plaid scarf + tan slide
  • light jeans + cream tee + cream plaid scarf + tan slide
  • black leggings + olive tunic + leopard scarf + OTK

Reflections on it all…

I can say I won’t go overboard next year…but…there is always something to want…something I don’t have or something that needs updating…ALWAYS.

However…my aim now is to work on my mindset…walk with the Lord…read more of what He says…and pray I’m obedient and rely on the Holy Spirit to remind me of these things!!!!

But some serious questions for me:

  • how many more OTK boots do you need if all are in good repair?
  • and jackets?
  • jeans?
  • tops that are like ones you own?

2018 for sure:

  • Kiehl’s
  • baubles [which I said I wouldn’t buy lol]
  • plaid [see above 🙂 ]
  • tunics
  • leggings…the trendy ones…
  • athleisure…trendy and fun

C’est fou mais c’est moi!


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