SMC: Matching my Leo Flats

_nsale leopard outfits SMC

I’m so excited about these…my trainer just informed me that my fitness goals tend to revolve around what I want to wear…lol…guess I need to chill!

But these shoes tho!

And they don’t make me look like Olive Oyl…so far I only test drove with jeans…which in the fall is what I wear most…so…WINNER.

IDK how I never heard of this brand before last year…I’m kinda in love…haven’t tried many heels…returned last year’s OTK Halogen boots [poorly made and uncomfortable]…but the flats…WINNERS…and on sale, the price is reasonable!

Outfit Formula

tee + jeans + moto + these shoes

NSALE Next Year

Check out the Halogen Flats…BP Cardigans…Calson Jackets…Kendra Scott…Kiehl’s lotion [maybe if it works…]…


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