I am mean.

Being well-dressed is important to me.  I love Love LOVE having the right pieces to be polished, stylish, and appropriate.

Size-wise and age-wise!

But is it important to everyone?

Does it matter?

Given that the many women in my family share my habits, proclivities, mannerisms, ideas and/or personality…in part or outright striking resemblance…it never occurs to me how mean we can come across [or how others could interpret it that way if they are in any way sensitive]…

…that is until I meet someone who isn’t.  I see why we need fellowship…other people either point out our darkness – either outright/verbally or their habits/ways/lives convict us without them ever saying a word…

I find the latter to have the most impact…I’m combative and Type A and in your face by nature 😐 …so to come at me to correct me, you must really know me and have my respect or be the kind of person who is known for a loving character that seeks to restore vice wag their finger – too  many self-righteous finger wagging folk…otherwise it’ll be like that scene in The Other Guys where Gamble says to Hoitz, ‘Did that go the way you thought it was gonna go?  Nope.‘ — I’m not the one…and please don’t let that person have a past/sin I’m aware of – respect diminishes further…not my best trait, but I know me…I really do…

I’ve a friend who is naturally nice and sweet…whereas I can be either of those things, but one would NOT, I repeat WOULD NOT, characterize me as those things overall.  I’m vivid, fun, motivated, moral, upright, godly [much of the time], polite and considerate – but that overall niceness and sweetness some folks always have…I have it some of the time.

I like me and don’t plan to change.

We can’t all drip syrup.

said by Me

However, I’m feeling convicted that my Inner Snob has been bubbling to the top more often of late…but why?  But for the grace of God, what I’m turning my nose up at could be me…I know this and believe it…so why am I struggling?

Why can’t I just be nicer…and have no stupid judgement going through my mind when I see people who dress or behave differently?

I think this Inner Snob comes out most in new situations…I weigh everything and everyone against my own rules/ideas/etc…I’m highly motivated to dress for my shape and be tasteful…but that’s me…if others don’t think showing fat rolls is looking a hot mess – why are my brows raised?

Who made me boss of outfit choices?

IDK, it’s hard because some people are an assault on the senses – either visually, audibly, or on the olfactory senses 😐

How do I learn to stop and not assess…even more, how do I keep it from playing across my face?!

I think the start is to remember these are Image Bearers…and that if it isn’t in violation of scripture, does it matter?

Scriptural facts vice my opinion on things…this’ll be a big one…leaning on God for my word choices, my ideas/thoughts and my need to shop less!




I’m excited about fall jackets!  I hope they fit…I’m excited about the above outfits!!!!


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