Call a spade a spade…

_time to face it and adapt my strategies

If I can have what I want, I’ll have it…plain and simple…and I tend to want specific things…usually classic and keep-able…but sometimes they can be pricey…

Having had income insecurity, I struggle with this…despite liking to shop.  I tend to want to find a better deal on similar…because I had to do that.  And in income-insecurity-mode, this works.

However, when scarcity becomes abundance [or more abundant than scarcity was!]…I think the wise choice is to buy the thing and move on…examples:

  • Black Harrow
  • Express Jeans
  • Calvin Klein Dresses
  • SW OTK – still working on these
  • Frye Boots
  • Certain Bags
    • Still want the LV Damier…STILL…but that may be 2018…
  • Certain Baubles

I also need things to fill out my time…blogs encourage shopping for me…I always say I’ll think of what I can do with what I have…but I can be lazy…replication is very easy…requires no creativity…when I review my posts…the idea was to brain dump here to shop less…well that isn’t working…at all.

My buddy K is very good at spending little on wardrobe updates…my pursuit of quality and things that feel good to wear and touch drive up the cost some…but some things can be cost-cutter…I just need to decide which!


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