Stronger than Yesterday

$13 each!

Real change is incremental, slow and subtle.

One day you realize that you are wholly different.

Old fears aren’t there…or they’re smaller and manageable…

That I could be stronger…in a calm but quietly confident way…bolsters my faith that with God all things are possible…reading the Bible and believing is one thing…but seeing it in your life is such a blessing!

Real change doesn’t come from self-help books or pulling yourself up by your boot straps.

It comes from day-by-day doing as the Lord asks…thing obvious things [studying the Word, fellowship with the saints, and praying]…and also less obvious things – that gentle voice, that sounds like it is applying scripture – not the one appealing to the flesh LOL, saying go this way…you go and you are amazed at being led to the exact place where you needed to be!

It also comes from trusting Him…trust Him in this…then that…then something else…big things and also small things…fast forward five years and you see real change…improvements you needed but weren’t even striving for…

Me 1.0

  • uninspired and spoiled brat…with all the matching behaviors

I was sure shortcuts weren’t harmful…that if I was mostly obedient, I could be fully obedient later…

If you belong to God…He’ll not allow this kind of thinking…His way or serious and unpredictable consequences to pay.  In my life…wouldn’t wish them on the worst human.

Me 2.0

  • young mother, wife of a man who turned out to be a very bad wolf in sheep’s clothing, and white-collar employee

God won’t bless mess…and those consequences…never what you expect generally…maybe a tad…but IMO, so much worse.

But boy did I see the Lord…I knew I needed to change…wishing others to change is futile – no matter how wrong they are…I read books…got more serious, still not serious enough, about church…learning and taking notes…changing my mind a tad at a time…

Me 3.0

  • Diva Divorcee living for the Lord…still have struggles and besetting sins…but my direction is correct…most of the time, perfection doesn’t happen on earth.

I’ve paid things off…made plans…replaced things…brought plans to fruition…streamlined my style…gotten really comfortable in the person the Lord made me to be…it’s much easier to identify when something isn’t for me…and be okay with that…to like who I am at the moment, despite weight loss that would be beneficial or attitude improvements that would also be beneficial lol!

Goals were rebuild and help as I’d been helped…rebuilding took a bit…and that seems like a lifelong pursuit.

Me 3.5

  • Still the Diva Divorcee – and I’m starting something new!

I always wanted to be at peace as much as possible – drama is great on TV but stinks when it invades the personal life…but given the struggles of Me 2.0 – I learned first hand how kind words can be balm to a weary soul…we get help so we can help others…IDK the verse, but I know it is there!  Given my temperament and rather shy nature…this new thing, the boldness I feel, shows change – all I can say is with God all things are possible!

In doing the new thing, I hope for the following:

  • Grow closer to God…learn to rely on Him more.
  • Be a great example for Infant…
  • Share what I love with others while offering kindness and love too.
  • Start a sustainable side-hustle.
  • Build a business.
  • Be a light as so many others were for me.

It all started with obedient submisison…from my heart.  No church or pastor is perfect, but I thank God for mine – I’ve learned so much…had so much taught the way I understand…I never had an IEP but I’m not an intuitive person – AT ALL – I need explanations to given a certain way so that I get the point any applied points or connected points lol…with Pastor Him, I don’t need to be – he puts it right in my face where the only choice is to obey or disobey…wish I could report 100% obedience lol!

But my desire is to grow in obedience…via being intentional.


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