NSALE: The Morning After Review

The Haul

I feel pretty excessive in an unacceptable way…but…perhaps some of these things can be Mother’s Day…Happy Business Starting…and Happy Christmas…from me to me????  🙂

_dainty collection complete save for rings...
A daily go-to is a must at this point…with The Business, I want a less ‘extra’ kind of polish 😉
_most transformative
It really is the defining bit…
_nsale and body cream
Going to try this…if in 10 days it doesn’t work someone will be getting an email/call/chat from me…and I’ll be expecting a refund or exchange…
_nsale and MAY rtn
Saw cheaper on Amazon.com…likely to be returned…3 for 16.95 with great reviews…fitted slips work better under thin and/or fitted dresses…
_nsale cardi and flat
I need to sell some things on Poshmark!  A new flat gives old [but good] fall clothes new life…
_nsale cardi and moto
I hope I don’t fall in love with this green…
_nsale cardi and peplum
I’m really excited about the peplum…it is a fave…
_nsale cardi
Better to have and not need than need and not have!
_nsale leo flats and shorts
Leopard and shapewear – very needful!
_nsale moto and shorts
I feel like I went too nuts…
_nsale moto and slip
I got the grey…but I wonder would the spice have been better…I have boots that color…and I don’t wear them much…
_nsale peplim and shorts
I’m really on the edge of my seat with excitement…I want to try these things…it stinks not having a local Nordstrom…
_nsale plaid and samples
Team Spirit!
_nsale silver kscott and invisibobble
These hair ties tho…
_nsale zella
Always stock up on what works!
_nsale I may be a psycho but I hate the bottom
Just ordered these today – I have vacillated like a true psycho…I have to see/try in person…this picture doesn’t do it justice…but here and here…show the boot in a much better light – and this should be a doable heel – and they are selling out…better to try them and return them than to miss completely!

The Reflection

  • OMG I went nuts…however, returns will be prompt…
  • Definite returns ($301ish and tax)
    • 2 Cardis – 32*2
    • 2 Motos – 65*2
    • 3 slips – 19*3
    • 1 peplum jacket – 50
  • Will return if fit is imperfect
    • Boots – 500…O_O…yikes that is huge – but I can invest in a few things…and this is close to the best price…
    • Wine colored flat – 60…shoes like this sometimes are too wide in the toe part and have lots of space between my foot and the inside of the shoe!
    • Leo slide/flat – 60…IDK about slides…they look good on many people…but…skinny ankles…
  • I expect the baubles to work…but if they aren’t perfect and sturdy…I may pick one or two and return the spare(s)…
  • I’ll do a trial [for keeps!] on one of the pieces of shapewear…if it isn’t perfect…tho I bet they work well…they too will go back!
  • I’m glad I didn’t keep the  Highland…hopefully this OTK will work and not be clunky and gross…

The Outfit Planning

Peplum & Cardigans

  • all black
  • ivory top + dark jeans + cognac bootie/OTK
  • top + dark jeans + brown riding boot
  • stripes + jeans + bootie/OTK

Burgundy Peplum & Cardigan

  • colors: blush, ivory, black, brown, tan, hunter if I’m feeling bold, navy, white, gold, goldenrod/marigold…

Burgundy puts me in a Gryffindor frame of mind!

Hunter Cardigan

  • colors: blush, ivory, black, brown, tan, burgundy if I’m feeling bold, navy, white, gold, silver…

Grey Moto

  • colors: pastels, all black, maybe tan, navy, coral, aqua…
  • maybes: jewel tones, brights,

In hindsight…what would the cognac/spice color have gone with…brights [don’t have many]…jewel tones [don’t have many]…

Layering the Necklaces

  • longer necklaces like silver express necklace with pale mint stones…layered necklaces like the aforementioned or some of the pearl baubles…if it sits where I think it will, I think I’ll have fun with these…
  • possibly getting the extenders at a future date!


  • Save money to pay card off ASAP next year…vice piece meal
  • Do a better assessment of closet holes…
  • Don’t get distracted by shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers that are really mediocre deals…especially when similar can be bought somewhere else for less…
  • Stock up on basics like Zella things, socks, scarves, shapewear, cardigans, etc.
  • Maybe get that Tory Burch boot…didn’t like the ankle strap this year…didn’t love the Frye option either…




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