Love: Lush

_lush love
$20, so I got a couple…they go with things!

Hopefully they fit well…if not, back they go!

I’ve been doing A LOT of returning…but needs must!

I’m just in a loose garb kind of mood lately…

As much as I LOVE looking pretty…my identity isn’t in that…but I always feel terribly sad for women who don’t…despite my girth jokes…I’m fine with how I look…I’m just a realist – clothes aren’t universally flattering…and I have the eating habits of a pig sometimes…those two things can be managed.

Clothes that don’t flatter me don’t indicate anything else about me other than I need to select something that is flattering.  #theEnd

If my weight is up because of bad eating – that isn’t be a good steward of my temple…and it needs fixing.  #theEnd

I, today, plan to make it my mission to remind my Fretful Friends of this…

God made us all and He doesn’t make junk – we are fearfully and wonderfully made – by Him.  The World, Satan’s kingdom, tells us via various forms of media that to be worthy, beautiful, etc. that we must:

  • thin
  • flawless
  • muscular
  • well-dressed
  • well-spoken
  • well-educated
  • on this diet
  • having this many kids
  • married
  • long hair
  • great clothes
  • this shape or that shape
  • etc, etc, etc!

The list goes on…God has unique plans and blessings for all of His children…and every human bears His image…thus making them a priceless work of art.

While none of these things are bad in and of themselves…they become a problem when we elevate them over what God says about us…or when we pursue them outside of God’s will…or in ways that are sinful.

Even more, when we insult the Creator’s creation, us.  I’m guilty…we all are.  Even if it is a tiny thing…while for many it is harmless self-depracation…it may send the wrong message to those struggling with self-image issues.

I struggle with my dislike of outward “neediness” BUT I feel the tug of the Holy Spirit telling me that isn’t the way – and that I can and should encourage others…to get good at finding honest but kind things to say…and do it liberally.  I know my charge…now I just need to do it.

Goal: give more sincere compliments.



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