NSALE 2017…so far…

Everyday Kind of Stuff…they didn’t have rose gold 😦


  • Buy now
    • Order in batches if selling out is a concern…
  • Return later
    • They are free!
  • Thank you Lord for the credit card so cash isn’t tied up…


  • 2 Cardigans in 2 sizes
  • 1 Moto in 2 sizes
  • 2 Necklaces*
  • Leopard Slip-On Loafers

Def. Returning

Despite the fact I just ordered today…

  • spare sizes
  • possibly the pine moto altogether…suede seems better…and more different…


  • Matching Earrings*
  • Matching Bracelets*
  • Leather [like] SPANX
    • perhaps not —> cellulite…
  • Tan Slip-On Loafers…like the Leo…
    • duplicates of last years Halogen Owen flats was a good idea
  • Suede Moto – grey or cognac
    • grey seems more complimentary to my closet
  • Slips
    • foundations are everything
  • Kiehl’s Lotion
    • supposedly for super dry…we shall see…

Dear Nordstrom,

Your IT team needs to prepare better for online sales this [Anniversary] sale…cart issues [from not loading to not responding to save/remove clicks…also cart state reverting to old items/counts]…wishlist issues [not loading and not responding to remove clicks]…slow loading pages that start as error pages unless refreshed…

You know we wait for this…

If you hire bloggers [not me so no conflict, and this isn’t shade, I just love a good sale as well as no cart drama, so to speak], please know that traffic will likely be beyond what you expect…kind of a DUH thing.

But then they said:

Subject: Please accept our apologies and get 10 points per dollar on us! [7.14.17]

I’ll take that!

All’s well that ends well!


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