Love: Navy

I love neutrals…but lately, I’ve been loving navy…

I also love reward money…and I’ve been waiting…far less than I wanted…

And I’ve been wanting these pants…I love my leggings and jeggings…but for some reason I’m in the mood for looser looks…I think it’s tied to my size…if I’m leaner, things are looser – I’ll even do flowy and pleated skirts…if I’ve the girth…jeggings only…#weird.

BUT at the news of an impending tax bill kind of doom – I’ve shifted from shopping so much…taxes, cars and a new pursuit…need to stash some cash.

Outfit Planning

Now…my blush or nude minimal sandals, a statement necklace, and these”

  • cold shoulder sweater
  • short-sleeved thin tee
  • tucked cami
  • white FP crop

Later…shoes – IDK…a statement necklace, and these:

  • BR long-sleeved tee
  • thin knits – half-tucked
  • button-up – half-tucked

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