This is a sadness…

I guess I’m not about that life.

There comes a time in each woman’s life where she must be honest and very real with herself…beyond 3.5″ I simply can’t be bothered.  Not even if it is just .25″ beyond that…

I’ve wanted them for ages…but that heel is too much…makes me wish I’d tried the Thighland in black…there’s eBay and Poshmark…but…SIGH…I love the shaft height, heel shape, and toe of the Highland…but not the heel height…buggar!

But I guess it is the same as with dudes…they seem so perfect until you actually get to know them [try a few chats and a few meals…]…then it’s like BARF or GAG or etc.  🙂

However, in the trying things – be they boots or dates with dudes, it is possible to learn deep truths about oneself!

  • Quit with the high heels…
  • Learn to discern quickly!

BACK to the drawing board…I shall have an SW tho…


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