Reward $hopping

_wiser reward use
Seen very cutely styled here.

I’m always looking for cozy pieces…jeans tempt me…but there are more than a few distinct occasions I don’t want to wear them…I don’t need as many as I have, much less more pairs!  I refuse to wear them:

  • around the house
  • when it is hot
  • when I’ll be sitting a lot
  • to school meetings

So, I need some go-to pants that will pair well with tops I have…and feel good to wear…

I love my BR Sloan pants…but they are about as cozy as the jeans as they skim the curves in stiff material…

Pair with:

  • Tops
    • Portofino
    • Barcelona
    • V-neck tees
  • Shoes
    • Minimal sandals
    • Owen flat
    • BR tassel flat
    • Stud pumps
    • ? Rag & Bone booties

I really wish my reward money would post during coupon time!  Specifically…BOGO + Coupon + Reward$$$…

I’m waiting… 🙂


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