A win…so…

_best dress summer 17
I love it despite the HUGE amount of ironing needed after laundering!

This Express dress was a win – a huge win; so naturally I want more cotton dresses…in general dresses are:

  • more universally appropriate than shorts
  • more universally flattering than shorts
  • more attractive, on me at least, than shorts

Shorts are great…for home…for Wal-mart…for errands…in short, for low-key days…but there are several places I wouldn’t wear them…I like raising brows, but not for crassly short shorts…places like…

  • church and church sponsored events
  • school activities
  • places that are anything more than super casual

And as my life is super casual…shorts are fine…often…but…when they aren’t…sweating in jeans is NOT an option…cue, cotton dresses.  Specifically cotton dresses with cotton linings!  I feel so bereft having only one.

Those that I find, that fit well and are comfortable are well worth the expense…

But where do I find more?!


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