_nsale planning 2
what came to mind today…

Kinda feel excessive – it’s a persistent feeling…but where there is no vision, it is highly likely that one will also be unrestrained [the bible is my authority].  I confess lack of vision as it has been lacking of late.  Maybe I need to post it big and add phone reminders of it…


I like new clothes and shoes…I also like variety.  My variety tends to be redundant as limited by what I like…so it boils down to needlessly wanting/acquiring newer versions of what I have…

Doing better means not buying:

  • unneeded duplicates
  • low use items
  • items that aren’t suited to my casual ways – as seen on real blogs with pretty but heavily arranged pictures!

The must-haves of each woman are unique to her life…I know this…but I have to do more than give it mental assent.

Maybe I’ll check blogs after the sale?  LOL, as if I have that much discipline…

Still feel kind of new to the sale…so I have no clue what is always there…but…I think I need long-range planning of purchases…like these things this year…and defer these to next year…maybe swap these things given new developments…that kinda deal…VISION!


I have color…but a neutral is almost always a better idea – and even better than just any neutral is usually black…and lately certain browns…especially where there is expense.  Bang for buck is paramount with me.

Vision means planning so maybe I can make a five-year plan of things to get at this sale…and have a running list of things that pop into my mind [or browser]…so I don’t feel that ‘if I don’t get it now, I never will’ affliction?  One big thing per year?

  • 2017
    • Bigger
      • Brown TB Boot
      • Hunter boot in hunter 🙂
      • London Fog with removable liner
    • lesser items
      • gloss…Diorshow mascara if on sale…
      • Alta HR…if on sale…
      • another black dress for duty
      • LRD and navy too if possible
      • flats – navy or red
    • Infant
      • socks
      • Lush tunic
    • Items I really DO NOT need…
      • baubles [thinking Pandora is gonna be my go-to for affordable dainty daily items]
      • scarves [blackwatch tartan tho…]
  •  2018 – 2019
    • One big thing per year
    • five lesser things per year
    • Fragrance
  • 2020 [late high school expenses]
    • Classic riding boot for Infant in prep for life
    • a few lesser items for me
  • 2021 [college is coming]
    • Infant Items…London Fog with liner for sure
    • a few lesser items for me…by this time I hope to be set with a corrected mindset!

Goal Refinement

Dressing well quickly and having less clutter.

To do -> work on the excess causing clutter!


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