NSALE – I love new ideas!

May be able to wait until Black Friday…IDK tho…

I’m one that likes to find great ideas…mine or that of another…I like feedback and constructive criticism…I also like to read blogs for ideas & perspectives on things I obsess think about…here is where I found this list (note 2 self -> love her ideas and her blog):

  • Beauty Products and sets
    • La Vie Est Belle perhaps?
    • but…if I’m to sell MK – I need to wear MK…
  • Gifts for upcoming holidays (like candles and house-warming things)
    • perhaps…but not likely…in my family, we give wishlists!
  • Leather riding boots
    • this is actually on my list!
    • TB – in a pretty and warm brown…
    • [lower priority than SW OTK]
  • Nike tennis shoes
    • don’t need…Joe’s New Balance Outlet is the bomb dot com…$35 running shoes type of bomb dot com…
    • and then there is Amazon…
  • Workout clothes
    • def don’t need…Zella is fine…but VS and Old Navy hold up better over time…and are thicker for the most part.
  • Everyday watches
    • want, but can wait…2018 perhaps
  • Cardigans
    • can I every have enough?????
  • Comfy sweaters
    • tricky…if they don’t have a defined waist, they don’t flatter…
  • Everyday blouses
    • def don’t need…but…lol
  • Casual booties (under $200)
    • def don’t need…
  • Dress shoes (for Fall weddings and events)
    • may hap a block heel for service???
  • Classic Jewelry
    • baubles are on the do-not-shop list currently…
    • sigh…I love baubles
  • Stocking Stuffers
    • this could be a thing…hand cream or something…or glosses…
    • depends on the deal…
  • Everyday underwear and bras
    • YES…the latter…

Obviously, I don’t need all these either because I have something OR because it doesn’t suit my lifestyle…SO…to refine my list and my thinking:

  1. La Vie Est Belle at the right price
  2. Bras
  3. Block Heel
  4. Boots
  5. Cardigans
  6. Stocking Stuffers

Other things:

  • cashmere [Macy’s at black Friday though…]
  • huge scarves too

More refinement to be done I suppose…I really need to be sober about what I have…and not buy duplicates…there’s no space!


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