2017 Nordstrom Sale Planning


_nsale planning

Okay…so last year was the first time…I read blogs to see what others said about things – especially those short in stature and/or curvy…some were spot on…others were more “if they like it, I love it…for them.”  The Noble boot for example…horrible foot bed…the rest were wins.

This year tho…I’m gonna have a real plan of some things that make sense to get at discount…or at least some broad ideas of not unneeded and unneeded…

Needed or Wanted…Whichever  🙂

  • Shoes
    • better brown riding boot – whiskey colored or a saddle…Tory Burch comes to mind…maybe Frye…red flat or block heel…navy flat…black block heeled sandal …better nude heel
  • a very unique bauble and scarf
    • they take up little space…but add so much value
  • grey leather bag and maybe clutch or other on-the-go bag
    • preferably they can be used together…pull the little one out for errands!
  • beauty items…gloss…fragrance…mascara…
    • why not?  🙂
  • socks
    • I’ve some quitters that need replacing…Infant likely needs some too
  • casual skirt
    • to go with the 400 OTK boots and shirts that need matching
  • Christmas gifts…and…Birthday gift TO ME
    • this has to be really special 🙂
    • I’m worth it 🙂
  • may hap a navy dress or a sweater dress/sheath
  • shape wear
  • non-black moto – maybe suede…perhaps a field jacket too [not green]
  • hair accessories


  • leggings…going to use my long ON leggings with OTK boots…they wear better and longer than other brands…hands down.
  • DK Cashmere Mist deoderant…still have 1.5 from last year – it literally lasts forever
  • black boots…more than enough…same for OTK – unless there is a BOMB deal on SW
  • jeans – sigh, no designer this year
  • most bags and baubles
  • sneakers…given I’ve recently ordered five and only parted with two…one under duress 😐 Infant and her running…
  • puffers
  • green jackets
  • wool coats

I’ve a few weeks to deliberate…but I know some of the stuff I had in mind is entirely unneeded…like jeans…not even designer…but if I’m to be a good steward…no more jeans.

To thin the masses…

  • Poshmark…
    • SM Brown Boot
    • Express Jeans
    • GAP Jeans
    • Nude Cole Haan Heels
  • Donate…

Next -> strategy…plan full outfits with everything!



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