Just 2 Things

_kate on today
…and small wins are important…


To always be well dressed in a event-appropriate manner.

These earmuffs are SO me for both cold Sundays and for weathering sporting events held in the bitter cold [perhaps I exaggerate a tad…but just a tad!]!

To also be organized.

In regards to material trappings and comfort, I am super girly…90% of my demeanor is not.  However, organization is more likely to stick when it is pretty…I don’t love this about myself – but at thirty and nearly eight, I accept who I am with the mind to keep growing.

This address book…color me excited!  My other is ugly and spiral and gross…


Both items fit neatly into my life…the earmuffs especially…I love them with my whole heart!

Sports Mama

I’m pretty good on this capsule…anything else is excess…

  • compression pants/crops
  • tops that wick sweat
  • jackets and coats
  • hats
  • earmuffs – CHA-CHING

Sunday Finery

I’m mostly good here too…one day a week shouldn’t occupy so much space!  But, the best for the Lord!

  • pretty dresses
  • great bags
  • great baubles
  • great jackets and coats
  • Baptist hats…working on it
  • earmuffs – CHA-CHING again!

Mini Habit

I believe in small changes one can build on…as such, the concept of mini habits [book here] appeals to me greatly at this point…those that I am working to implement now:

  • scripture at night – at least one verse
  • one page a day in work related books [will choose one blog post a day when I’m done with the books]
  • five minutes to tidy room before bed daily

Note 2 self -> kudos on not buying any bags or baubles!


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