Reflection: Shoes

I need no shoes…seriously…

…so why do I find reasons to buy more?

…different isn’t always needful or all that useful…

_essential shoes
My faves

I tend toward very classic shoes…almond or pointy toe…minimalist in nature.

I like a statement shoe, but when I buy, they get little love and wear…pretty decor is what they become.

Lace-ups, buckles, OTKs, and studs are enough of a statement for me…

_more shoes
Not essential but helpful…well the sneaks are as I live in the gym.

Variety is the spice of life…in cooler months, boots fix blah outfits…I’m not inclined toward outfit-effort as much as living in cozy and warm things in the winter…

_shoes i want
I really want a Hunter rain boot…and the others would be nice too!

I almost feel like a white sneaker is a need…for bright fit pants…but…40$ would be ideal…


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