Assessment as of June 2017

I took the plunge on some 30% off Stuart Weitzman Highland boots…not sure if they will be too high in the heel, but Nordstrom has fab return policies…why not try?!

I’ve been wanting that brand in an OTK for several years…wanting never ceased…high, but…if I buy little else for myself…could make sense!  They already go with my closet…

I’m at the age where quality matters…

I won’t knock the next gal for being fine with more disposable items – to thine ownself be true AND know who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly – and all that jazz…but what I love, I love…and it isn’t always based on what’s ‘on trend‘ [a phrase I vehemently hate!]…I know I gravitate toward classic shoes and bags…so a little more expense isn’t the end of the world…expensive trendy baubles aren’t a win for me however…

Cute isn’t enough anymore…it must be made well…I’m not sure if that is driven by the kind of pride the Bible warns about?  IDK…my motive isn’t bragging or being seen…it’s feeling good internally about money spent…must reflect more I suppose…

Shoddy craftsmanship can be felt in general – especially in shoes…and in terms of clothing, doesn’t work with all these curves…I have neither the feet nor the body to pull off poorly made items…

BUT -> knowing this prevents foolish purchases…i.e. the little lip shapes coin pouch in metallics from Victoria’s Secret 😐 or random shoes/bags that are okay but don’t sartorially sate me…

I still want a deal…but not at the expense of quality.  Inspiration here – this lady really gets my mindset.

Given this SUPER DUPER HUGE purchase, for me at least, it’s time to really S T O P shopping.  Seriously.

_the bigs as of JUN17
Something’s gotta give…

Larger Purchases

  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Tan Margot Booties
  • Tory Burch Bag
  • Kate Spade Backpack
  • Huge DK Cashmere Mist


  • Jack Rogers Hampton
  • Marc Fisher OTK boots
  • Ion House Party speaker
  • Plantronics headphones


  • sneaks…
  • dresses…
  • jeans…
  • baubles…
  • tees…
  • shorts…
  • skincare…MK is bomb!
  • books…lol…likely to continue
  • shoes
  • espadrilles…
  • fit gear items…
  • under pinnings


_sw highland
Goes with what I have…but what doesn’t black match…

Some things I passed on:

  • Rag and Bone
    • Wyatt – cute but not really required…
    • Newbury – not sure they’d work as well as the shorter booties
  • More than a few Michael Kors bags
  • More than a few Kate Spade bags
  • Expensive sneaks
  • Church-only dresses
  • Premium denim [so far not a win]
  • Several jumpsuits…
  • iPhone 6
  • maybe even iPhone 7 [may opt for the cheaper SE]
  • Straw bags
  • Tassel bags
  • Pom Pom sandals

Loads has been in and then out of my various wish lists…so improvement has been made…I just like more…longer stretches without shopping [not including for Infant].


  1. premium denim
  2. lose 5% body fat
  3. gold watch
  4. delicate gold earrings – everyday-ish
  5. delicate sterling silver earrings…or white gold – everyday-ish
  6. grey leather bag
  7. suede moto
  8. gold cartouche
  9. great wristlets
  10. new iPhone
  11. Hermes belt…or Gucci

Note 2 self -> not shopping for the above…but should be kept in mind for future refer around the Nordstrom sale in July…

Until then…SMC!


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