SMC: Never Fail Booties

_black harrow

I was right about my Harrow booties [and if I’m honest, I’ve had more than a few shopping fails of items I’d initially swooned over…]…I’m not always in the mood for heels…but these go with pretty much anything and they are far more stable than thinner [still love the daintiness of thin heels!] heels…I could see myself sneaking them under a ballroom gown…or a wedding dress…it could work ūüôā

But how was I right?

I’d seen pix of them with jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses…all seemed to work…at least on the wearer. ¬†So far I like them with jeggings and dresses…haven’t tried outfits with skirts and shorts yet…though the skirts is reasonably assured as the same rules apply to them as dresses…

Pondering below:

  1. almond toe is a classic
  2. thick heels are stable
  3. leather is always a win and tends to mold to the foot over time
  4. black goes with much
  5. cute with jeans and dresses
  6. biker but classic styling…IMO
  7. dip in the front is elongating

Perhaps, going forward, the first question before a purchase, especially larger ones…

  1. Is it trendy?

Closely followed by:

  • How much does it match?
  • How comfortable does it look?
  • Is it realistic for my life?
  • Is it a color I’ll tire of?
  • Is it a color that is flattering and/or neutral?
  • The details that make it special, will they become tiresome? ¬†Make it hard to pair with other items?
  • How delicate is it?
  • How real am I being with myself regarding this item? ¬†Imaginary me is much more adventurous!



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