Booties Part Deux

True to my usual crazy ways pensive practices…I consider my purchases both before and after…

Before: tan is awesome and super versatile and will be great because I already have a trendy tan…

After: Yep, I was right…I got this…but man…MUST stop shopping…more me and for Infant in part… 🙂

_tan leather margot
Not returnable though…but…when you know what works…that’s a risk worth taking.
_tan leather margot outfit 2
Easy-Peasy petite outfit that should elongate…I hate looking short and wide :-\
_margot and camel ring
Wanted: this ring at a better price…come on Kate Spade!
_margot and 60s style
Total SMC!  ANNNND for fall, throw on a plaid scarf, different earrings, a cute jacket and BOOM…another outfit…

I am proud of one thing…most of my closet matches the rest of my closet…in small supply are the things that aren’t versatile…so I think I’m #winning there…thank God for wisdom and the ability to apply it!

The quantity tho 😐

But I love variety…


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