Love My Booties

It’s an ongoing goal of mine to curate a super versatile closet…and despite knowing I’ve pretty much achieved that, I still see new things to add…

Cue these booties.

I have other colors…BUT…not this color in plain leather.  Perforated, which is what I have, are great – but CLASSICS are very nearly needful.

Despite having all the colors I kinda need – I can think of two other colors I’d buy if they were available -> navy and espresso…and grey leather!  Black nubuck or suede????

The more I shop, the more I find that when I buy what I want the first time, I buy far less…especially with shoes and bags…cute but other wise El Cheapo items don’t tempt me…it just isn’t worth it when it comes to the cost versus the life…

  • will they age well?
  • will they wear well?
  • how long is the break in process?
  • how long do they live after the break in process?

All very pertinent questions…I’m tired of desiring…and also failing…

  • cute at great price but SUCK to wear…or…
  • cute at great price BUT doesn’t suit my figure…or…
  • and this I hate…cute at great price but can only wear less than five times before it is gross…

I want to be set…but pretty and new things – which come every season…OMG is this to be a life long flesh thorn?  C’est fou!

Despite all that, I am super pleased with my bootie collection so far.

__tan leather margot outfit 3
Classic but never boring…

I love jeggings but lately I’ve been loving straight and wide legs…quite unexpected.  Petite and short length with flats aren’t flattering…but average/regular with a heel…may be what I need 😉

_smc with new things
Reward money = new jacket…Infant has been stealing my other…plus this one is darker!

Jacket, bag, booties, and earrings…perfect for a chilly venue…

_tan leather margot outfit 1
Whether in expansion or contraction – shoes and bags never fail me…I really need to shift my thinking…

Based on a recommended app, I just might end up 75% vegetarian/vegan…it’s a checklist for healthy items to eat all day…and I looooooove lists.

And if I’m focusing on getting these good things in…perhaps some of the bad things will be forgotten?

Sure hope so.  Though that would mean the mindset of clothes shopping being wasteful for an ever-changing body would be nullified…


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