Bags & Baubles

_navy bag

I’m kinda over black bags…

Never had a navy bag…at least not that I can recall…so two firsts:

  1. navy bag
  2. Tory Burch purchase

I’d wanted a grey bag…but so far, I’ve yet to find one I love enough to buy…

Other bags I’m wishing for:

  • straw clutch
  • Clare V.
  • LV Damier
  • Dooney
  • Chanel Boy [yes, this is a bit of a pipe dream]


I’m in the mood for statement earrings…

I love the look of BaubleBar earrings…and necklaces…but the price… 😐

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar, however, is doable…the last statement earrings I ordered were TOO heavy to wear [will likely never buy from Purple Peridot again…heavy and too pricey for the quality]…I’m thinking of taking them apart and using the tassels to adorn a purse or making one of those purse charms with them…or put them on a necklace like this. Β It would be fun to put them on a straw clutch too…I do have a goal [200 in 2] to upcycle something…

Bags & Baubles get more wears per dollar…they go with more…they live longer…and I never get to thin OR fat for either. Β πŸ™‚

And since I’m on a mission to get a bit thinner… Β πŸ™‚ …seems like a good time for bags and baubles.


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