SMC: Shorts

_smc paisley and lace
paisley & lace?

I think Banana Republic shorts have replaced my love of the Express Editor shorts…I’ve several I love…

11 Things I Know Work:

  1. Harrow Booties
  2. Margot Booties
  3. Marc Fisher OTK Boots
  4. Banana Republic Ryan Fit Shorts
  5. Express Jeggings [with stretch!]
  6. Express Portofino Shirts
  7. Express Barcelona Shirts
  8. CK Coats & Jackets
  9. Frye Knee and OTK Boots
  10. Minimalist Sandals
  11. Quality Handbags

I see a pattern…I fall back on the same things…I need to remember that when I fall head-over-heels for the latest edition of it…new isn’t always better…

11 Things That Don’t:

  1. Express Skinny Jeans [no stretch]
  2. Banana Republic Ankle Sloan Pants
  3. Old Navy Jeans
  4. NYCO Shorts
  5. Body-Conscious
  6. Sweaters that pill
  7. Earrings longer than an inch
  8. Round Toe Heels
  9. Off-the-Shoulder anything
  10. Banana Republic Jeggings
  11. Gianni Bini Shoes

Things change and some of these may be worth revisiting…at the right price and when in the mood for trial and error…


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