Win Some, Lose More

_kept one returned 3
1 out of 4 – my wallet likes it!

Mostly Miss

Fit – mediocre at best [the shape of the front toe part is oddly narrow]…but still better than a flip-flop.  Fine for casual shorts on casual summer days…until I get the other metallic Jack Rogers Hampton sandals from Amazon 🙂

Kept the Peach Whip as it looked like a pale pink to me…but the Brindle and Sesame washed me out…um no…the Bittersweet, not pictured, was louder than I need…much louder.

I get my money’s worth from Amazon Prime…beats braving the mall and its denizens: teenyboppers and teenagers that populate it in the summer…

Looks like Lucky Brand is gonna be hit or miss…

Summer Shoe Capsule?

  • nude sandals (two different heel heights, one patent & one leather)
  • blush sandal
  • black sandals (several heights and materials)
  • booties for cold/rain
  • stylish sneakers
  • silver Jack Rogers
  • flat Lucky sandal
  • cognac Lucky espadrille (wedge)
  • cognac Marc Fisher espadrille (studded and flat)
  • lace up flats (blush, black, gold, tan, magenta)

I’ve other shoes but these will be go-to shoes…they go with most things I’d pick…even the random things…how can I tell myself I need nothing else and then see something and instantly feel like I need it?????

Reasons NOT to shop: car…braces…savings…school fees that will be epic in the fall…but most importantly, better stewardship…if I read as much as I shopped…O_O


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