_track jackets
Joes’ New Balance Outlet is my jam.


Telecommuting Sports Mom Must Haves!!!!!!!!  The chief criteria are:

  • quality at a reasonable price
  • flattering…this might be the most important!

16 – 17 Sports Mama Post-Mortem

Things I was right about:

  • Fit gear is more comfortable to wear than real outfits…
  • Great sneakers are a must.
  • So are knee boots with rugged/safe soles.
  • Outerwear that can be shoved into a bag is also a must!
  • It’s colder at outdoor athletic events…it’s wise to be prepared.
  • Huge purses are cuter than sloppy backpacks and totes.
  • Waterproof or at least water-resistant are awesome…umbrellas are just too much sometimes…
  • Hair extensions make quick work of getting ready.

Room for improvement:

  • Pack healthier snacks.
  • Bigger hats for hair extensions.
    • Thanks Paw!  [hear in Opie’s drawling intonation!]
  • Leave sooner to prevent rude rushing and impatience 😉
  • Take a blanket.
  • Get a good seat.
    • I don’t even know where to start…
  • Normal coats and jackets don’t work at these events…my CK raincoat, though super cute and timeless, was so cumbersome and just didn’t work…sweat-wicking, water-repelling, and wind-cheating are needed!
    • Also – who wants to stink up or ruin their good coats?  Not me.

Going Forward

jno 24may17
Prepared and saved a TON – NB can be high (though it is worth it)!

I don’t care how many moms [or others] traipse around in their cute outfits…I semi-hate being outside to begin with, and def don’t want to be outside and miserable…so I will have a track capsule:

  • light jackets
  • moderate jackets
  • down filled jackets
  • (weather here is SO random)
  • wicking tops that are long
  • heat retention tops that wick and are long
  • wicking leggings
  • heat retention leggings that are also wicking
  • boots [comfortable but cute]
  • sneakers
  • scarves [stylish to be a bit less blah]


  • Lululemon pants
  • Lululemon top
  • New Balance ‘heat things’
  • Longer tops as per above
  • good stadium seat or whatever it is called

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