I Love Lace-ups

_lucky idalina

I had a pair of lace-up sandals in college…donated them a few years ago because the laces were coming apart…but I still loved them…and they were a walk-able heel!

Lately, I’ve had luck with Lucky – so I’m all about finding perfect shoes right now so I can get rid of the semi-ok ones that I never reach for [if I have others there will be NO excuse for keeping things that rub, pink or suck in any other way]…for a deal and OMG – they were about 75% or more [not really getting into the math!] cheaper on Amazon than Nordstrom…what is up with that…that is the second time this week!

The goal is always -> get ready quickly

Closely followed by -> affordable quality that has low cost per wear

The heel is low and the colors are neutral…the only thing left is how they will fit…


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