Off Season Shopping (OFS): Navy OTK

_navy otk

The best deals seem to happen around holidays and off-season (OFS).  I have several Marc Fisher OTK boots – they are that amazing…and close to the SW OTK boots I want…they also keep me from justifying the SW expense…they are that close and comfortable.

Navy was the only color I didn’t have…they didn’t offer a real grey, just a natural which is pretty…but I’d take a steel or slate grey in a heartbeat!  I googled to see ideas of what I could do with them…and pulled the trigger.  $30 cheaper than the others…and I still haven’t spent SW money given I have 6 pairs of these boots!

OTK boots just dress everything up…and I’m not a girl who wants to spend 30 minutes crafting the perfect outfit…I wanna be cute quick…or stylish…or a diva…whatever look I want, it needs to happen quickly.  OTKs do that.


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