SMC, Now: Lucky Anora

_lucky slides
These tho…I didn’t really do the math but I know I got a deal!

70 + tax @ Nordstrom for ONE vs. FOUR for about 95 @ Amazon…

I love when deals happen.  It never gets old.  I want a shoe with the ease of a flip-flop without looking like one.  Heels are great for slower days…but most days, I need a quick stride and to make stuff happen.  I could do that in heels and wedges, but I don’t want to.

I haven’t tried them on…but I sure hope given the price on a new fave brand they work [long toe concerns]…but with Prime, returns are easy!

As per usual…I thought about what I have AND they go with my closet…in theory at least!

I just want to get ready quickly and have what I need…and my flat shoe collection was lacking.  Severely.


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