My List: 3 Brands to Try

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Three brands to try – two of which may be done locally…not sure about the third…

  1. Kendra Scott because pretty basics are low-cost per wear and add that extra to dress up other basics!
  2. Draper James because I love those Southern looking things that remind me of my family.
  3. SW – because they have most amazing quality [returned the Thighland because they looked horrid on me BUT the quality of the boot made me sad to do it…but who keeps anything unflattering?]..

Not today and likely not this month or the next…but…I’ve had my eye on all for quite a while…dupes are fine, but for something I keep wanting – it *may* warrant investment – investigation in the least.

I love my statement necklaces – but I want something a bit simpler for everyday when I don’t feel like the heft of a statement necklace or earrings.  SO – I think Kendra Scott will be the first.

Is Planned Shopping the Key?

I’ve already refined what I like…weeded out things that aren’t functional enough…gotten real with myself about what I will and won’t wear due to comfort, style, movement, etc.

Yet…there is still tons within my parameters…so…what now?  Plan.  If planning isn’t the magic key – it will at least help.

Hierarchy of rules[that border on being inane lol] combined with planning things out [actually putting them in my planner as a focal] is my next step.

LESSON LEARNED – parameters aren’t enough…and I’m sure planning won’t curb completely either…but…while I am relying on God to help with this ‘less shopping’ lifestyle that doesn’t excuse me from doing my part.  From where I sit today, finding strategies seems to be a good start.

I guess it is trial and error until I find what actually works!

Can’t consider new stores & brands without evaluating current ones!

  • NYCO seldom works for me lately…only earrings of late…and a ruana.
  • EXP – still good, always good!
  • F21 and the like – too big a hassle to bother with on MOST occasions!
  • So far, so good with LOFT and Ann Taylor; tho the bulk isn’t from there.
  • BR is great save for jeans.
  • GAP is decent for the few things I get there…
  • Old Navy – okay for a few things…NOT jeans.
  • VS & Aerie – good for what I get…not much more.
  • Nordstrom –  not as much of a go-to as I thought – I return much more than I keep.
  • J Crew Factory – still love for classic/preppy things…and easier to do than J Crew without a sale!
  • Macy’s – still love for shoes and baubles.
  • Dillard’s…got real peeved at them for a stretch – but some of their things can’t be beat…but very little comes from here.
  • Given non-free returns, I don’t much love Lord & Taylor – save for deals and things I know will work…= no tax!
  • Lucky – rocky start, but my new fave summer shoes are Lucky Brand!
  • Jack Rogers – new and still considering…love but how much given the price???
  • UGG – only one pair – but I AM SOLD.  They feel like a dream.
  • Marc Fisher – great OTK boots that are close dupes for SW.
  • Bag brands – Kate Spade, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Fossil, and Lucky…still loving.
  • Rag and Bone – love the booties…haven’t tried much else.
  • ASOS has cute stuff – but on me…MEH.

I don’t think I could be a one-stop-shop type of woman…too constricting and limited!  Especially as I am already limiting myself!

Others to consider later:

  1. Michele watches
  2. Pandora rings
  3. James jeans
  4. Bloomingdale’s
  5. Earth Bound Trading
  6. SAKS
  7. Lulus
  8. Francesca’s
  9. Clare V

Wish List Items…some are pipe dream level wishing:

Gucci belt ~ Chanel Boy ~ Mink Cape ~ LV Damier ~ etc.



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