SMC: Hampton

Another thing I’ve wanted for AGES!

I don’t think one style type or style word can neatly and completely describe me…I feel all over the place – but I’m happy when I wear what I feel…flowy dresses…skinny jeans and a moto…jumpsuits and the preppiest of flat sandals…avant-garde white blouse with destroyed denim…sheath and a bold shoe…studs and lace…leather and lace…I feel very random…but I love it all and my personality seems to go with random…

I think the issue is that I vehemently hate boxes…or maybe it is just that I know myself well enough to know I don’t fit in one…how dare anyone fix their face to put me in one?

Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly is the old adage…kind of hard when you feel like you span many things…

But what are the patterns?  Scratch paper:

  • sparse patterns
  • some color, but seldom a lot
  • minimalist shoes
  • belts are my jam
  • statement necklaces are my fave
  • kinda feeling like I should find some statement earrings too
  • classics are always welcome – but should be paired with something extra
  • dresses that flow as well as those that contour [more flow when I feel fluffy]
  • still loving peplum
  • usually reaching for some topper

Things I have in [what others would call] excess duplicate:

  • Express Barcelona Camis
  • Express Jeans
  • Express Portofino Blouses
  • Swing Dresses
  • Dresses in general…
  • Cardigans/Toppers
  • Scarves/Ruanas
  • Baubles [but they take up such a small amount of space]
  • Pointy Toe Shoes/Boots
  • Almond Toe Boots

All that to say…I’ve been wanting some Jack Rogers for ages…eons really.  I was thinking I wanted a mirrored silver minimalist looking sandal with a heel…but…I don’t bother with them much outside ‘going somewhere.’  I may use tick marks to see how many wears it takes to break them in…if I’m gonna wear flip-flops, might as well be glorified flip-flops with a good sole that will protect my feet…

True to form…I now want them in Platinum and Gold…metallic colors are so fun 🙂

But I need to decide if 8 is fine or if a 7.5 would be better…there is a ton of space behind my heel…I feel weird.

The only thing is long toes…I don’t do toes hanging on the front…

What I like about these shoes is that they are classic summer – every summer – and they will dress dresses down [by not being a heel] and dress jeans or shorts up a bit [by not being as casual as an Old Navy flip-flop…

And after having a piece of mulch pierce my foot through an Old Navy flip-flop –> I’m done with those other than as house shoes.  😐


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