Color: Marigold

Steamed my dresses one fine Saturday afternoon and the following Monday, the dress needed new ironing… :-\

I reach more for neutrals and pseudo-neutrals at this point…it’s just easier…outfits come together without having random failed selections scattered around…color experiments can be messy.  My minds eye is usually different than reality.

I’ve also always felt colors made redundant use more obvious as I also reach first for faves.


I do love me some marigold.  Though Express calls this color Papaya

I typically am cautious with yellow…as many are gross and/or clash with my complexion.

Maybe this one works because it is kinda on that yellow/orange line – not quite UT orange…but not Big Bird either.

As for the dress – I love everything but the amount of ironing that will be required.  It’s perfect for the daily telecommute…AND it’ll hide a moderate food baby 😉  In truth, I probably could have sized down given the shape of it…but as I said –> food baby…a very salient concern/detail.  VERY.

Note 2 Self –> no more dresses please.  Unless it is the new love of my life 😉


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