Wide Leg Pants

Less than 20$ :o)


All of my pants hug…no apologies but they aren’t universally appropriate 🙂


Use reward money to get some GAP wide leg pants that are semi-flowy.

These will be my pants when jeggings aren’t appropriate 😉

The only caveat is that they make me look rather wide…ugh.

Outfit Planning


  • studded heels with a tucked [or half tucked] blouse
  • minimalist sandals with a tucked tank and statement necklace


  • Adidas and semi-slim fitting top
  • Adidas and hi-lo button up

Not many outfits…but enough to cover most of the no-jeggings-allowed events…

Wishing For

This…perhaps for some other reward money?  Or a sale…I really like one piece dressing…jumpsuit or dress…though, the latter are easier to come by…

Three jumpsuits in one closet, is that overkill?

Still in the feelings…

Still having the transitional ‘feelings’ and I don’t much like it…shopping takes the edge off…scoring a really big deal even more so…but they always return.  I know this about myself…when I has the sads I shop.  Such shopping motives may yield good results and pretty things…but ultimately stem from bad motives.

Retail Therapy sounds dumb to me because it doesn’t work and therapy by nature is restorative – The Sad returns…but Emotional Shopping – I get that…I deal with it…but…I need a new mini habit until not doing it is easy.

I think some planning and researching is in order…to manage the upcoming changes…do some idol-checking…some re-focusing on my Creator and Savior…


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