Returning: Andira

_andira wedge
The shoe is a definite NO…for me or any other lady with tiny ankles…clunky was how they felt and looked on me…which is odd – I’ve seen it on skinny girls…but perhaps they have teeny tiny feet?

SIGH – on the one hand I love returns [= more ‘not shopping’]…but on  the other, it is starting to feel like WHY BOTHER…but the shoes were wretched.

SO…new plan for these outfits:

  • blush minimal sandals
  • cognac espadrille
  • nude wedge
  • blush ghillie

It kinda looks like they weren’t needed anyway…c’est la vie…

Also returned this peasant looking top…and after having seen these dresses in the store, they might get returned too [got three lol…marigold, black and olive – but if they don’t look great once steamed – they have to go, the store presentation wasn’t impressive – wilted looking]…but, I’ve tried this beautiful cobalt dress and love it…and this multi-colored duster will be for days when I need to make leggings and a tank respectable…and who doesn’t need a pretty navy jacket

I’m a deal lover…it’s a nice way to add the unexpected…outfit planning:

  • dress
    • gold ethnic sandal
    • black minimal sandal
    • tan wedge
  • duster
    • leggings, white beater, chucks
    • body-con dress, chucks or sandal
    • RL jumpsuit [as it is likely snuck around the hind parts]
  • jacket
    • white top, light jeans, blush ghillie
    • tee, jeans, sneaks
    • casual dress?

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