In Love…

reading this
This quote tho…TY SJM!

With a bookthis book.

The plot is rich and detailed…and the characters are even more so…and most of all, it ends well in a way that means MORE is to come.

“not run from it”

I’m all about introspection…I introspect [if that is even a word…not gonna check 🙂 ] a lot.  I see things…some good…some meritorious [also a made up word]…and some are beacons for areas that need work.

“not be broken by it”

There are really only two choices – stasis and change…will I grow or be stagnant…  I get bored so really there is only change and growth.

“You could rattle the stars, you could do anything, if you only dared.”

From another great book 🙂

Do I dare?

How do I dare?

Dress the part…plan & learn the needful…execute as flawlessly as possible.

dress…plan…learn…execute…AND this dress is BOMB 🙂

Know who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly…

…but I’d amend to say know who you are AND what you want, then adorn yourself accordingly…they are linked to me.

Discern who I really am…and what I want, like:

…all the things I wish to change about myself…

…my environment…

…my circle…

The question is, what does a content person want?  What should I pursue and how do I filter out the extraneous?

Society has ideas…well-meaning people have ideas…but Lord help me to see what I need to plan to be on Your path, AMEN.


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